The philosophy of the company merges innovation with high technology, aiming to offer solutions, installation and services inspired and guided by our customers’ values and ideals. With smart shading systems, it is our goal to provide customers with the best possible technical and aesthetic solution, based on energy saving , high safety, as well as personal comfort and luxury.

Project Management Process

Initiating the Project

We work closely with our customers to discuss and determine their requirements, needs and vision.

Planning the Project

We specify and present customers specific, detailed and well scoped out project proposals. In projects, where a number of parties are involved, we work closely with the customer’s project team ( Architects, Electro-mechanical Engineers, Building Automation Systems Integrators) to design and ensure that all proposed solutions are compatible and viable.

Executing and Controlling the Project

We implement and monitor each project based on the determined quality, schedule time and budget.

Closing the Project

We confirm that all the project requirements have been met and give all the documentations to the customer.