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SMARTSHADING ΕΕ cooperates with leading brands in the field of shading systems such as Silent Gliss International Ltd.

Silent Gliss means innovative, sustainable, personalized solutions, excellent design and first-class quality.

Our experienced professionals are available throughout the project process and can assist with on-site visits and provide individual advice.

Effective and quiet

Silent Gliss


Silent Gliss is the world's leading supplier of shading systems. Since 1952 it has been tirelessly committed to the development of the smoothest, quietest shading systems in the world using state-of-the-art technology!

The clean lines, the modern design and the color adjustment offer the right solution for each room and cover any style!!


Top quality fabrics



At Helioscreen everything revolves around the top quality solar shading fabrics. Raw materials, production process, products and services are carefully examined and planned. Helioscreen favors fiberglass yarns to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

Fiberglass yarns for screen fabrics consist of twisted glass fibers, covered with PVC coating. A combination that has significant advantages!

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Intelligent Shading Systems

SMART SHADING E.E. is the official representative and distributor of SILENT GLISS in Greece.

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