How we work



The philosophy of our company is the combination of innovation with high technology, in order to create solutions, applications and services based on the values and standards of our customers.

With smart shading systems, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible technical and aesthetic solutions, based on energy savings, high safety index, personal comfort and luxury.

Collaboration - Design

Project management


Project start: We work closely with our customers to discuss and find their requirements, needs and vision.

Project design: We identify and present to the client a more specific, detailed and well-executed project proposal. In projects involving many parties, we work closely with the client's project team (architects, engineers, electricians, engineers) to design and ensure that all proposed solutions are compatible and sustainable.

Execution and control of the project: We implement and monitor the project based on the defined quality, the schedule and the budget.

Closing the project: We confirm that all the requirements of the project are met, we present, train and provide all the certifications and guarantees to the client.



Brands - Techniques

Shading systems


At SMARTSHADING none of our projects is repeated but designed from the beginning to meet the needs and desires of our customers. This makes our projects unique.

We Design, Implement and Install indoor shading systems such as: Rollers, Wooden Venetian Blinds, Roman, Vertical Blinds, Wave Curtains and Blackout Curtains. Skylight shading system.

Exterior shading and building facade systems such as: Guide rollers, Horizontal aluminum blinds, Horizontal and vertical flaps, Awnings Cases.

Intelligent Shading Systems

SMART SHADING E.E. is the official representative and distributor of SILENT GLISS in Greece.

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